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The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel unveils stunning renovations with new bar and function area

The venue’s new renos include its very own upstairs bar and a function room that’ll undoubtedly be the only place that you’d want to be this year

After many years of providing Port Adelaide with so many wonderful memories and offerings, The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel has just unveiled exciting new renovations.

The venue’s new renos include its very own upstairs bar and a function room that’ll undoubtedly be the only place that you’d want to be this year.

Owner Heidi has always had an ambitious vision for The Lighthouse Wharf, wanting the space to be filled with serenity and as well as a stunning view of the water.

“Once I knew we were bursting out of our spaces downstairs, I knew it was time to start doing it. We were having so many private parties in spaces downstairs like our courtyard and pergola, which was really restricting space for walk-ins, so the idea was to get all the functions and events upstairs,” Heidi said.

The choice to expand and refresh the space was a highly exciting prospect with the idea of doing more event activations on the mind of the owner.

“I also wanted to do more events to do with gin and wine, and we just didn’t have the space for this downstairs as it was always just full of diners and drinkers! So this is the perfect combo, where we can small and large events, private and public, and we’ve increased the balcony space to enjoy these Port River views,” Heidi continued.

The aesthetics of the venue not only reflects the light and refreshing sentiments on the inside, but it also reflects the stunning landscape outside.

“We’ve made the furnishings and colours really light and coastal like, combining the idea we are near river and sea, and it’s a mix of cosy spaces, dining and high bars that is really easy for us to change up depending on the event.

“I can’t believe the rabbit warren of 13 plus little rooms is now this large, light, airy, gorgeous space,” Heidi said.

The warmth of The Lighthouse Wharf continues to be felt from its patrons, and the emotion is even reciprocated with Heidi revealing how important the hotel is to her.

“I love this hotel so much – I didn’t know I was going to enjoy this change of career so much. This pub is unique as it has such a close-knit vibe with the neighbours and regulars, and I love interacting with all the tourists and visitors from afar too.

“And we’ve been able to grow as we have learnt how people need to use the spaces and to introduce things not available in the area. It is definitely a venue that makes you feel like you are on holiday, being so close to the water etc,” Heidi continued.

The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel’s new renos hopes to be open to the public in a few months, as it will have incorporated a lift, which will be one of the last pieces of the puzzle.

Find The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel at 1 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide SA 5015.

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