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Top Adelaide Hills Breakfast And Lunch Spot Expands For Dinner Service

We drool over their Instagram feed but never have the time during the day to venture out there and devour their food. Now they’ve opened for dinner service we finally have the chance!

If you’ve seen Topiary‘s food on Instagram you’ve probably drooled all over your phone looking at their small but decadent offerings served on their iconic raw ceramic plates, each one looking as if they’ve been uniquely handmade for your meal. Being owned by a chef and his family, the love, dedication and care that goes into each Topiary dish can’t be measured.
You’ve possibly even gone as far as to look up Topiary’s opening times in the hope that you can have one of these Instagram-worthy creations only to find that you’re working during their regular breakfast and lunch services. Well, we’re here with good news sent down from the foraging food heavens – Topiary have now expanded to do dinner service.
Many people don’t realise how close Topiary are to town. At only 25 minutes away it’s not too much of a struggle to venture down for a taste of their dinner service and to have the opportunity to experience Topiary’s owner and chef Kane Pollard’s creations for yourself.
With the dinner service more heavily focussed on testing your boundaries and utilising small parcels of produce that they grow, forage or receive from their producers than ever before, it will still remain the Topiary we know and love. The dinner menu is similar to their lunch menu, offering a la carte and tasting menu styles, there will be a huge emphasis on paired wines to create a full, well-rounded experience.
Lachlan George, currently a sommelier at Michelin Star restaurant, Sketch, in London has been tinkering with their wine list to help them showcase some of the most exciting wines on offer at the moment. With an exciting and well thought out wine list now covering all of the bases, they’re feeling that everything is starting to come together.

We asked Pollard for his recommended dishes, and he did not disappoint. At the moment they are running an entrée of Port Lincoln Kingfish with apple, rhubarb and rivercress; a light, refreshing way to start your meal that will get you excited for the season ahead.

For main, he recommends the Spring lamb, new season asparagus and varieties of pea with smoked house yoghurt. It shows exactly where they’re at in the season, using the tough and tender cuts of Spring lamb plus the bones in a reduced stock. He assures you that the asparagus has never tasted better, and with different types of peas, wild shoots and wood-smoked yoghurt it showcases the garden, the wild and the effort their team puts into processing a whole lamb and culturing yoghurt on the premises weekly.
For dessert, they are currently working on a citrus and beetroot dish that is shaping up to be quite special, and we can’t wait to hear how it tastes!
While Topiary are only open for dinner services on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, they’re hoping the demand grows enough to expand their team and opening hours. With a unique location and menu that explains exactly where you are and why, dining at Topiary is something that you need to experience and will never forget.

1361 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully
(08) 8263 0818
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