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101 Dalmatians (Literally) Are Coming To Henley And Your Pup Can Join

101 Dalmatian alongside owners in period dress. This is going to be an epic picture.


Much like the story we all grew to adore, 101 (or more) Dalmations will be making their way to Henley beach this Saturday. Though unlike the movie, Cruella De Vil won’t make an appearance. You can though!

Artist Andrew Robert Baines has called for all dalmatian owners to bring their little buddies, to be apart of a photo shoot by the beach. Dalmatians will be parading around the streets of Henley South, strutting their spots alongside their owners and anyone can come along to see.

This isn’t a low key, walk your dog on the sand in your old canvas shoes type venture though. To be a part of the photo shoot, the specific attire is black suits and top hats, or an all black attire. As for the ladies, you can wear long black or red dresses. So look sharp and make sure you hype up your dog for this unforgettable walk.

The meeting spot is Joe’s Kiosk in Henley South at 11 am, this Saturday the May 4. Go alone just to see this quirky event or with your dalmatian and in your theme appropriate get up.

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