Parisian-Style Markets, Wine & Food Pop Up In The Barossa This Weekend!

Parisian-Style Markets, Wine & Food Pop Up In The Barossa This Weekend!

An insatiable fusion of our finest wine region, combined with the culinary delicacies and a distinctly French atmosphere. Say Bonjour Barossa just before Bastille Day!


This is one of those “it happened to a friend of a friend of mine” stories. While in Belgium, this prominent Adelaide writer happened to get into an argument with the father of a close friend about wine. On the doorstep of France, the Belgian fellow espoused French wines as being the best in the world, while our local countered with tales of Adelaide as being the finest. After a night of trading verbal blows, the Belgian chap headed along to his local wine bar to ask the sommelier who promptly handed him a book about the greatest wines in the world today.

He returned to the house that night and in his thick Flemish accent, uttered the words “Barossa, it is the best.”

But, of course, we owe a lot to France and their historic wines which is why Seppleltsfield Estate seems the perfect location to combine our region and their history for the “Bonjour Barossa” boutique and market-style day of food, wine and culture.

To be held week prior to Bastille (French National Day) any ‘French foodie’ will lose their mind at the array of patisserie (pastries & desserts), boulangerie (breads & baked goods) and charcuterie (cured and smoked meats), along with other favourites like beef bourguignon, oysters, cheese, crepes and ice-cream.

Le Cordon Bleu will be hosting cooking demonstrations, there will be live Parisian jazz music by The Baker Suite and an exclusive Pol Roger Champagne Lounge. Don’t both with the plane trip, this will transport you to the cobbled streets of Paris.

To purchase tickets, follow this link. It shouldn’t be too difficult to nominate a designated driver for this one. They can just eat everything on the day!

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