Delta Goodrem back on Adelaide’s stage

After the Covid lockdowns, Delta Goodrem found her way to Adelaide’s stage. Leaving nothing behind, she celebrated live music’s return with Adelaide.

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Finally, after escaping the bleak two years of lockdowns Adelaide welcomed Delta Goodrem back with her Bridge Over Troubled Dreams Tour this Friday past.

Put on halt due to the never-ending Covid-19 lockdowns, fans waited two extra years to see Delta take the stage. Without a doubt, the wait was worth it!

Opening the show, Sheppard had the audience dancing with their charismatic stage presence and enthusiastic delivery of the hits Geronimo and Coming Home, alongside their new sensations like Symphony.

The jitters of anticipation felt as the lights dimmed were heightened as a result of Sheppard’s engagement with the crowd.

Delta Goodrem, an Aussie favourite, filled many homes with her unparalleled voice, and much to my brothers’ constant annoyance, my family home was no exception.

Her live performance demonstrated the reason for her continual success. Her voice did not falter once, though her performance lasted over two hours.

At home on stage, she captivated the audience, responding to the endless banter shouted up to her and reaching notes of dizzying heights with graceful ease.

Mixing her own music with various covers like It’s raining men and I’m still standing, she had the crowd on their feet getting groovy with their dance moves.

Not one dull moment was felt.

Australia’s diva livened up the stage with her many glitzy outfit changes, and her obvious delight at being on stage again after two years of performing via Instagram lives.

Her Instagram lives became the highlight of many fans’ weeks during the lockdowns, so bringing some nostalgia to the show, her living room (where many of the lives took place) was brought to the stage.

The backstage team set the scene, bringing Delta’s piano forward, placing bookshelves behind the piano and a stool and a mic to the left for her partner, Matthew Copley. Together Delta and Matthew engaged more intimately with the audience as they performed the songs they had written during the pandemic.

Indulging the audience and in the spirit of re-enacting the Instagram performances of the last two years, she performed snippets of their shouted requests as though she had prepared them for the show.

It was gratifying to see a woman who has overcome cancer and had to learn to speak again, perform with such enthusiasm and elation. The show was truly for her fans, any opportunity that arose in which she could share a laugh with a fan or indulge their request she took.

Her brilliantly talented band and backup singers cannot be denied a mention. They kept the audience dancing as Delta ran off stage for her outfits changes.

Each member was afforded a moment to shine and share their talents with the audience, as Delta introduced them one by one.

To anyone that questioned whether to buy tickets and decided not to, I would suggest that next time Delta tours, jump on the tickets as fast as you can!

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