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Five Thrilling Theatre Shows You Need To See At The Fringe

Get your theatre on with these amazing shows…

Fringe time in SA, although one of the greatest events in our annual calendar, can be daunting. How do you even begin to pick the shows that you’d like to see!? Well we are here to make your life easier! Enter, our little bite sized Fringe Guides… And this one is all about theatre!

If you’d like to experience something away from your standard comedy show or cabaret (not that we don’t love those just as much!) why not experience some marvellous theatre? With anything from satire to physical theatre there’s an incredible range this Fringe. Here are just some of our faves:

#DearDiary Dear Diary… we’ve all done it. This show is a journey into the past with some serious reflection. There’s hints of comedy, there’s hints of tragedy. It’s joyous and melancholy all at once. With absolutely stand out reviews like “One of the most standout solo shows of the Melbourne Fringe Festival” you’re bound to love this one. We could give you more reasons to go see this show but the artist herself wanted to let you know, so check out her reasons here.

Destination Home This is some mighty fine physical theatre. We’re talking in a 30 dismembered heads kinda way. Calm down, not ACTUAL dismembered heads! The main character is searching for a home (aren’t we all?) and the journey along the way is moving and raises many questions. There’s also a fabulous sound composition to accompany this one. Read more here.

Poet vs Pageant The tale of what will happen when a socially incapable word nerd dives head first into the perilous seas of a beauty pageant. Hilarity ensues. This is a bit of an all in one show, bringing comedy to the theatre with results that will make you laugh out loud, and want to bang your head against the table. Read our full story here.

The Umbrella Plays There are, of course, umbrellas. But this show is much more than that. You will experience a small hoard of actors expressing tales of passion, love, doom and… hand and cheese sandwiches? We’re really excited to see the diversity in this one. And secretly praying they’re dishing out ham and cheese sandwiches.

Bruce In the words of Monty Python “And now for something completely different…” Welcome to the world of super simple puppetry. Bruce is quite literally just a block of yellow foam but let us assure you he’ll take you on an emotional roller coaster, that you never thought one could actually feel… from a block of foam.

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Happy Fringe-ing!

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