Become a cheese-making connoisseur at Barossa’s Cultured Cheese School

The Tanunda Cultured Cheese School offers hands on workshops for cheese-lovers to create their own halloumi, feta and camembert.

Ah, cheese. One of the most loved food stuffs across the globe, acceptable to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert, properly crafting the perfect recipe for this delicious dairy product is considered a work of art.

While you may have spent hours grazing over a delicious cheese board perfecting that cheese to cracker ratio, or marvelled in delight at a huge string of mozzarella after biting into a slice of pizza, have you ever actually made your own cheese?

Barossa’s Cultured Cheese School is the answer to all cheese-lovers prayer’s, running hands-on workshops in their stunning Tanunda location, where you can create your very own cheese to take home.

Offering workshops designed to help you perfect firm cheese favourites such as camembert, feta, and halloumi, there’s a workshop for every cheese lover to enjoy (although Erin tells us the Halloumi Workshop is particularly enjoyable as the cheese made can be tasted as soon as the class is finished).

Cultured Cheese School is the brainchild of Erin Jones, who has been making cheese for over seventeen years.

Erin hosts the cheesemaking workshops herself, taking guests through the process step by step, eager to share her knowledgeable expertise.

The workshops take place in the cellar door of Atze’s Corner Wines, a hidden-gem in the area that’s well worth a visit, especially as this is the best time to take in some of the best offerings in the state.

According to Erin, the workshops are hands on but still with a relaxed vibe, ideal for both beginners looking for a fun foodie experience, or those more serious about learning the ins and outs of cheese-making.

At the end of the class, you’ll take home every delicious item you make, as well as the recipe and notes from the day, able to call yourself an official fromage connoisseur!

Guests will also enjoy a curated cheese plate featuring exquisite cheeses from around the world selected by Erin, and an exclusive tasting of Atze’s award-winning wines.

Cultured Cheese School also offers gift certificates, the perfect unique gift for your cheese-loving special someone you can learn how to craft this much loved food.

Find out more about Cultured Cheese School and book your workshop here.

Find the Cultured Cheese School at Barossa Valley Way, Tanunda. 

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