The ultimate guide to South Australia’s regional silo art

The ultimate road trip guide to cruising around South Australia and checking out all the large format art that’s popped up over the years!

We all love a good road trip. Now you can cruise around South Australia and check out all the large format art that’s popped up over the years! We have recently updated this list to include some new additions, so there’s a lot to feast your eyes on for your next road trip.

So, to make things easier for you, here’s a list of where to find South Australia’s large format, regional art, and a map (at the bottom of the article) showing how to get there.


Completed in April 2023, the Galga Silos were painted in remembrance of locals who served in the first and second world wars. By paying homage to soldiers and nurses, the Silos commemorate the sacrifices in war these individuals made. Once again, artist Jarrod Loxton was privately commissioned by Beverly and Trevor Heidrich to paint the silos and completed the project in a month. The silos are located along the old Malee train line. 


Completed by Cam Scale and Andrew Davis, the Kingscote Silo Art features a massive 25-metre kangaroo and almost equally as large Glossy Black Cockatoo with its wings spread. The design features exceptional detail and highlights the amazing native wildlife of Kangaroo Island. It took Cam and his assistant Andrew four weeks to complete but was highly anticipated by the community. The silos are located a short 55-minute drive from the Sea Link ferry terminal in Penneshaw, and only 2 minutes from the centre of Kingscote.


Photo by: Samantha Buttery

The Bute Silo Art project was completed by Juddy Roller artists Scott Nagy and Janne Birkner and the Barunga West Council. Reflecting the train tracks that run alongside the silo, the concept for the silo represents women in regional areas, by telling the story of a girl pushing a vintage bike. As requested by the local community in 2021, the silo is covered in bright colours, and local wildlife, flora and fauna. Furthermore, the background of the piece entails the Hummocks. The Hummocks are a range in the northern part of the Mount Lofty Ranges extending north from the eastern edge of Yorke Peninsula.


Image: Grant Schwartzkopff

Eudunda’s The Story Time silos, tell a tale of two children, sharing stories about their past and their culture. Using local books as a way to tell each other about their history, culture and connections to the area. 

“My aim for this painting is to invoke feelings of playfulness, open-mindedness and a joyful, child-like conversation about history and culture. It gave me a chance to visually represent the wonder of sharing knowledge between cultures – and the joy that can come from immersing yourself in the world of books,” said artist Sam Brooks in an Instagram post. 

The two children are pictured holding onto a piece of red string, reflecting Sam’s childhood memory of characters in cartoons holding onto a ball of string to ensure they don’t get lost in a new place. In the context of the silos, the string is a symbol and a storytelling element in the painting, as the images clipped to the string are unique stories and family heirlooms from the area. 

Farrell Flat

20km east of Clare and 22km southwest of Burra is a fantastic Silo mural. Artists Jarrod and Matt spend a staggering 140 hours before lockdown painstakingly mapping out, drawing and painting this cheery steam train. The finished piece is 30 meters tall and took 150 litres of paint to finish.

Coonalpyn Silos

In 2017, Brisbane artist Guido van Helten helped put the sleepy little town of Coonalpyn on the map by bringing a set of huge silos to life with his hard work. The portrayal of children represents the future of Coonalpyn. Standing at 30m high, this larger than life celebration of the youth and promise of children is worth stopping to admire.

Cowell Silo Art

Painted by ! N I T S U A & supported by Shmick, this addition to the silo trail was finished in September 2019.

Tumby Bay Silos

Photography by Robert Lang

This iconic addition to Tumby Bay’s art scene has become a must-visit for anyone traveling through the Eyre Peninsula. Created by Martin Ron, an Argentinian street artist based in Buenos Aires, and South Australian painter Matt Gorrick, this piece celebrates the two best things about Tumby Bay: beaches and art! Why not stop by to enjoy the sunshine? And while you’re there, look up and wonder at these two boys falling into a world of fun.

Tumby Bay also boasts a bunch of other unique and colourful pieces of street art that, while not necessarily as big as the silo art, are definitely just as beautiful.

Kimba Silos

The Viterra silos at Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula used to be just another silo on the map, but they’ve been transformed with this stunning mural by Melbourne large-scale artist Cam Scale. This project took a little under a year from concept to completion and it’s easy to see the love and hard work that went into bringing it to life.

Snowtown Water Tower

Photo by Vans The Omega

Vans the Omega is a talented, multidisciplinary artist who practices in mural art all around Adelaide– you’ve no doubt come across some of his colourful and quirky work already, but this one in particular caught the hearts and eyes of people all around South Australia. Collaborating with another local artist, Sam Brookes, the pair took on the mammoth task of painting a decommissioned water tower in Snowtown.

Stop by and pimp up your ‘gram by taking a sweet pic with these smiling faces!

And if you’re looking to extend your road trip a little, there’s also a Silo Art Trail you can follow across the border in Victoria. Here’s all the details on that one. 

Kadina Water Tower 

Located in Frances Street, adjacent to the former Railway Station. Viewing is also possible from the Copper Coast Highway running through Kadina. This beautiful artwork was created by Resio.

Waikerie Silo Mural Painting Project

The Waikerie Silo Art Project is a partnership between Nature Foundation SA and a small working group from the Waikerie Community. The Waikerie Silo Mural Painting Project aims to reflect the theme “Healthy River, Healthy Community”. Adding amazing elements of vibrant colours to the Waikerie silo art, acclaimed Australian artist Garry Duncan is looking set to reflect the environment and community in his art work. There are many silos to see, so definitely add this one to your list during your next road trip.

Joy Buluch AM Bridge Street Art

Located in Port Augusta, the Joy Buluch AM Bridge Art was created by James Cochran, otherwise known as Jimmy C, for the Desert Fringe festival

Wirrabara Silos

Photo Credit: Wirrabara Community Tourism & Development Group

The small town of Wirrabara has painted itself onto the map with this amazing silo artwork. Painted on a 28-metre silo, the artwork was created by Australian artist Smug, aka Sam Bates, who spent three weeks in a boom lift to perfect his creation. Known to elaborate his painting to the last detail, Smug paints pieces that express realistic images. Using natural colours, he captured the beauty of Wirrabara and the Australian country. Read more on the silo here.

Paringa Silo Art

These painted silos in the Riverland are getting a lot of attention, and we can see why! Renowned artist, Jack Fran, with a wealth of creative experience, was entrusted to bring the vision, ‘The River at Renmark’ to life.

Local characters were selected to feature as the base silhouettes with the story of our district told through the images within the profiles, including Possum, and his mythological connection with the Murray, a Houseboat, the historic Paddle Steamer Industry, a Dinghy, the magnificent river cliffs plus the iconic Paringa Bridge and a Murray Cod.

Owen Silo Art

This beautiful piece of art was created by duo Robert Hannaford and Cam Scale. You can find it on Railway Terrace, Owen, South Australia.

Karoonda Silo Art

Amazing artist Heesco transformed the Karoonda Viterra Silos featuring iconic local Mallee elements as suggested by their community.

Lameroo Silo Art Project

The Lameroo Forward Inc. has proudly revealed the successful completion of the Lameroo Silo Art Project. The masterpiece by acclaimed artist Smug from the esteemed Juddy Roller team now stands as a captivating centrepiece in Lameroo, adorning the town’s eastern silos.

Know of any other artworks we should add to this list? Contact us here.

And if you’re taking the road trip, you’ll need this map which shows you were all the SA artworks are located…

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