This Roasted Marshmallow Cocktail Is All You Want To Be Drinking This Winter

You can practically SMELL this winter cocktail AND you can get it in the CBD.


Aptly titled The Contender, this roasted marshmallow cocktail is contending to be the only drink we will be consuming this winter (fine, aside from water).

This cocktail is infused Tanqueray gin overnight with fresh strawberries. It is then mixed with mandarin and rosemary syrup, lemon and apple juice. Finally, the piece de resistance, it is topped with roasted marshmallow on a charred rosemary sprig.

We can already smell it and we bet you can too. So the final question remains, where can it be found?

Asian restaurant and bar, Mrs Q, is one of Gouger Streets most popular places to eat and drink. With a gas fireplace, they’re a great spot for a winter time outing.

That’s not all though, their Miss China Doll is another extremely popular cocktail. It’s a lychee martini (grapefruit juice, lemon, mango tea, lychee liqueur & vodka) as well as their Edward’s Espresso Experiment (dark run, espresso, spiced caramel & a shiraz reduction). 

Then more of a, you either love it or hate it option, the Aroi Makmak is a coriander & lemongrass in it (we know coriander is a divisive ingredient amongst the population) featuring gin, coriander, lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves.

Mrs Q also have a range of mocktails (for those doing dry July) and a range of miniature cocktails (for those taking it easy).

Mrs Q and The Contender can be found at Level 1 128 Gouger St, Adelaide.

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