We Have The Scoop On How To Get Free Bubble Tea

We Have The Scoop On How To Get Free Bubble Tea

Bubble tea mania has hit Adelaide! Whether you’ve never tried it before or you’re a Boba veteran, we’ve got the top tips to get some free.


The bubble tea revolution is happening! It seems to be everywhere we turn. Originating in Taiwan, the drink is huge in Asia and has been for 30 years, and for good reason. It’s different to a standard drink, it’s not a coffee or a beer, and it’s a bit more modern than a milkshake. As the guys at Bobaz T put it “there’s no reason Aussies shouldn’t like it”. If you haven’t seen these guys’ lime green facade popping up all around the northern suburbs, you’re not looking hard enough. The guys have also just announced plans to open a new shop in James Place, so those who are regulars down at Rundle Mall have a place to go boba-crazy too.

Beginning as a self-sufficient trailer travelling between music festivals, to now opening stores around Adelaide, they’re creating a frenzy of Boba-loving fans wherever they go. If you’re a bubble tea lover, or even someone who’s never tried it before, we’ve got the scoop on how to get free drinks from Bobaz T. Many of you have no doubt tried bubble tea, but for those who haven’t, it’s almost impossible to describe – if not for the myriad of flavours alone!

If you’ve ever walked past a bubble tea store, looked at the menu and instantly became incredibly confused and walked away, you’re not alone. At many bubble tea stores you need to know what you’re doing, but Bobaz T’s aim is for you to have a straightforward, user-friendly experience. While they have a standard drink menu for those who have no idea where to start, boba experts still have the option to customise their drink. You can choose exactly how sweet they are; if they’re hot or cold; whether you want fruity, chocolate or tea flavours; or whether you want the traditional toppings like the little black boba balls or you’d rather jelly or jam.

Family-owned Bobaz T go one step further though by coming up with their own unique flavours through a lot of trial and error. Before opening, they spent many days and nights coming up with unique flavours you won’t find anywhere else. One such drink is their Cold Cow flavour, which, from the name, you’d expect to be a milky tea. Well, you thought wrong, as this chocolate-y flavoured tea has no milk whatsoever. Made from cold brewed cacao nibs, it’s a hard flavour to describe, as it has the essence of chocolate but doesn’t taste quite like chocolate.

Another flavour you’ll only find at Bobaz T is their Honey Red Oolong Tea, made with milk and goji berries, it has a smooth, lightly sweet flavour. The toppings are seaweed-based jelly, so they’re vegan-friendly, and for those who are lactose intolerant, you can choose soy milk or lactose-free milk instead of full cream.

Now, we all love free stuff, and by joining their loyalty program, you have a whole heap of chances to get free Boba. Here’s the deal: every 10th drink you buy, you’ll get one free; every 10th visit you make to Bobaz T, you’ll flip a coin for a free drink; and when your birthday rolls around, you’ll get five free drinks. They also occasionally throw members-only events where you’ll party it up in their store. The last event they held, there was a DJ, free burgers and free drinks for two whole hours. Sign us up! Oh wait, we can do it ourselves for free, online?

Whether you call it bubble tea, boba, or pearl milk tea, you’ll fall in love with Bobaz T’s massive range of flavours and toppings. For newbies to bubble tea, the guys at Bobaz only have one piece of advice: ‘Try it, you won’t be disappointed’.

Bobaz T
Where: 22/113-131 Days Rd, Croydon Park & Elizabeth City Centre (currently a trailer outside the cinema entrance, while they build their new shop) & James Place (coming soon)
Phone: 08 8346 3948
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