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Your guide to Adelaide’s gluten free friendly dining

Gluten free dining has never been easier in Adelaide, and with the levy of friendly restaurants, willing to accommodate, you’re spoilt for choice. As such, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites.

Feature image: Part Time Lover

I’d be lying if I said during my time working for Glam Adelaide, I haven’t used my writing prerogative to publish content heavily geared towards my own interests.

There’s no dystopian tyranny in the Glam Adelaide office, just a writer prioritising news that benefits coeliacs like her.

I was outraged when I received my diagnosis at the age of 17, mostly because it meant that I couldn’t have Maccas anymore.

Today, I’m far more gutted when a well meaning waiter warns me that the flour particles in the air mean their food isn’t guaranteed to be friendly to my intestines.

No matter, I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of some of the brilliant, gluten free friendly menus around Adelaide.

This guide is for both; the hardcores who will be wheezing on the ground upon the intrusion of said flour particles, and those who just prefer the diet.

Duke of Brunswick

Oh the pub meal, it’s one of the first things you say farewell to when you adopt a gluten free diet, and for some reason, it’s the one that hurts the most (subjective).

There was an audible gasp in the gluten free community when The Duke of Brunswick went entirely GF, alongside a host of chains in the following Facebook group: Gluten Free South Australia, Adelaide Coeliacs, and if there had been any activity post 2012 in Petition for Mc Donalds to work with Vogels to make a Gluten Free Burger! we know they too would’ve lost their collective minds.

The Gilbert Street pub’s kitchen went entirely gluten free, from parmi to passionfruit lime parfait in early 2019 and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Drink, eat, delight, and find them at 207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide.

Sukhumvit Soi 38

It’s not often that you find a menu which very clearly states what’s NOT gluten free, particularly a menu which has tantamount to three unfriendly options.

Luckily for Asian lovers, Thai cuisine is naturally quite gluten free, this doesn’t mean that contaminants aren’t an issue. At Soi 38 however, nothing is really an issue. The team receive your gluten free re-diagnosis with amazing cheeriness and they also don’t laugh when you spill your delicious green curry all over yourself or when you can’t do simple maths when you try to split a bill.

If the above wasn’t enough, the food is bloody good. Do yourself a favour, gluten free or not to go there, they’re at 54 Pulteney St, Adelaide.

Nutrition Republic

Do not worry if you aren’t clad in full athletics gear, looking like you’ve had a deeply invigorating yoga session, when you walk through the doors of Nutrition Republic, you’ll feel as welcome as can be.

This super gluten free, super vegan, super raw, one stop health shop is first and foremost a driver of change in the cafe scene. Plus they cater events, and when your next birthday comes up, consider their birthday cakes, they look and taste gorgeous.

These busy bees can be found in four locations right now, two cafes in Glenelg and Goodwood, a familiar Plant 4 Bowden stall, and a common student destination in Flinders Uni.

La Rambla Tapas Bar

It’s exclusion of the highest order, not being able to partake in the holy communion that is share plates. With basically every new restaurant and bar touting sharing culture as their hospo-talk thing, we worry that exclusion will be rife for our community.

La Rambla Tapas Bar is one of Peel Street’s, and by proxy Adelaide’s, first small bars. From the very beginning, their tapas were super friendly with many of them being gluten free.

Their sangria jugs are also gluten free and they taste pretty damn delicious, so gather a crew of your best buddies, and load on the Spanish tapas but maybe have a slice of bread before you go, portion size does not beget that so-full-you’ll-explode feeling. They’re at 28 Peel Street, Adelaide.

Part Time Lover

Probably the hottest new restaurant in Adelaide, and not just because they didn’t have an air-con for ages (joke is on us because it’s the middle of winter and they do have one).

The menu is basically made for a big bad dietary restriction laden Frankenstein’s monster. Split three-ways, vegetarian, fish, and meat, everything is adaptable and gluten free is totally easy breezy there (especially with the addition of an air-con).

If there’s one thing you have to do, it’s go there and try the halloumi* (sorry lactose intolerant peeps, this is OUR moment to shine). Nothing further your honour.

It’s not too easy to find this gorgeous restaurant, but if you turn into Pilgrim lane from Pirie or Flinders St, you will see it beckoning you in.

*The halloumi is not currently on the Part Time Lover menu, but we are keeping the mention in this guide to manifest its return. It is that yummy.


Pretty much the restaurant on everyone’s lips as they sputter how awesome the dining scene in Adelaide is. It’s not like they’re wrong, Africola is a pretty spectacular example of Adelaide’s elevated dining.

They host a load of seasonal veggies at all times, so that means they don’t deal with a huge amount of gluten. Plus, with Duncan Welgemoed’s creative flair, you’re guaranteed a damn good feed.

Find them at 4 East Terrace, Adelaide.

We hope that you’ve now been introduced to a bunch of new restaurants, if we’re missing any that you think should be on the list, let us know by shooting us an email at [email protected].

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