Are You The Missing South Aussie Division One Winner?

Are you from Kensington Gardens, and bought a lottery ticket lately?


If you’re anything like me, you may have grown up watching some lady on TV every night, who read out lottery numbers on balls, as they fell out of a giant tumbling sphere of hopes and dreams. Those little numbers always excited me, even though I was nowhere near old enough to buy my own lottery ticket. I guess it’s because I knew I was going to win one day. Today is not that day. For some lucky Kensington Gardens person though, today might be the best day of their life.

Australia’s official lottery – The Lott – has issued a call out on Facebook, seeking their missing Division One winner, from Saturday night’s X Lotto draw (3999)!

They purchased a winning entry from Erindale Papershop and (should they come forward) have won a Division 1 prize of $659,502.54! 🤑

Now ask yourself, is today your lucky day?

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