Coming soon: Jennie is the new wine bar on the block

Alfred’s owners take on second on Peel Street location for latest venture, Jennie. The new wine bar will have 200 international & local drops on rotation.

Pictured: Alfred’s Bar. All imagery by Meaghan Coles Photography.

Don’t be fooled by the bougee wine bottles that it’s got; Jennie is the new “no frills” wine bar on the block.

No, J-Lo isn’t the namesake (we checked).

Named after the term for a 500-millilitre wine bottle, Jennie will be serving approximately 200 international and locally-made wines on rotation alongside a short (but sweet) beer and cocktail list.

Opening in the cosy nook between Peet St Restaurant and Gondola Gondola, the wine bar will be the perfect destination to warm your cheeks after an incredibly chilly few weeks.

Jennie is the brainchild of barman Scott Taddeo, who’s managed Alfred’s Bar on Peel Street for five years, and Scott Quick, owner of Alfred’s and nearby Malt & Juniper.

While Alfred’s is the ultimate watering hole for cocktails, and Malt & Juniper prides itself on its gin and whisky collection, wine will be the heart and soul of Jennie. Joining the likes of Leigh Street Wine Room, Jennie will fill the wine bar shaped hole in the West End.

Joined by business partners Matt Holding (Malt & Juniper) and brothers Lachlan and Matt Harrison (also previously from Alfred’s), the owners are designing the place themselves.

Left with a blank canvas, the Jennie crew are taking interior inspo from Perth favourite Wines of While and Melbourne bar The Alps.

Built by Sam Weckert of Tiger Build, alongside by local designers and artists Alex Bellas and Jess Purcell, expect a floor to ceiling wall of wine and a long African mahogany table to take centre stage.

Tiger Build is the local business behind venue renovations such as the Smokelovers, 1000 Island, Sunnys, Part Time Lover, Bottega Bandito, Anchovy Bandit, and more.

So, expect dark mahogany features, leather interiors, clean lines, and no frills – just like the wine menu.

Jennie’s will keep the food simple – sticking to charcuterie, anchovies, and terrines for now. If you’re looking for a more substantial meal, use Jennie for your sneaky tipple before heading over to Bead & Bone or Sit Lo for the main food event.

Jennie will open at 7 Peel Street in September.

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