NEW French Patisserie Set To Take Over The Bay

NEW French Patisserie Opens At The Bay

Le Paris Plage French Patisserie is opening beachside. What? Yes you heard us.


What is better than French pastry? Delicious, buttery, French pastry by the beach! We wanted to bring this to your attention because some local legend tipped us off that the old Bay of Bengal (located off Broadway in Glenelg) has disappeared. In it’s place, newspapered windows and a makeshift sign reading “Le Paris Plage French Patisserie coming soon”. Well today’s the day people. The doors are opening and our dreams of indulging are now a reality.

The term “Le Paris Plage” translates to a beach resort on the North Coast of France (how fitting). We can picture it now – a perfect Saturday afternoon strolling down to the baguette in one hand and a take home croissant in the other. Bliss!

Now while we haven’t been there (yet) we’ll be sure to get some photos up as soon as we’re able to! And if you’re lucky enough to beat us to it, don’t forget to tag #glamadelaide so we can see what’s on offer!

Location: 1/73 Partridge St, Glenelg South SA 5045

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