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Monarto Safari Park welcomes some adorable new furry friends

Spring is in the air at Monarto Safari Park with the pitter patter of baby zebras, giraffes and hyaenas all being heard.


Spring has definitely sprung as keepers at Monarto Safari Park are being kept on their toes as a flurry of new animals has been born at the safari park.

In the Safari Park, there are eight more hooves tottering around. First, a zippy little male zebra foal was born on 16 October to mum Thembela and dad Storm.

The calf is currently residing with the dazzle in an off-limits area of the park and will move to the park’s Wild Africa area at some point in the future.

On Wednesday, a giraffe calf was born to 20-year-old mum Myeisha. The calf, as yet unsexed, was born at the Waterhole exhibit. Staff will closely monitor mum and calf over the next few days to make sure that all is well.

This week has also seen the Carnivore team welcome the birth of twin Spotted Hyaena cubs, born to mum Forest.

When keepers arrived at work on Tuesday morning Forest, their hyaena, was not visible in her yard. Keepers checked the den camera and could see that she had given birth to twins overnight and that all was looking good.

“Since Tuesday, 13-year-old Forest has been spending the majority of the time in her den just as she would in the wild. Forest has been doing a great job looking after her cubs – we have seen the cubs suckling and we’ve also seen her bring out the cubs to introduce them to Dad, Gamba,” said keeper Kat.

See the gallery below:

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