New clinic Body Love, Body Contouring opens with image-positive treatments

New clinic Body Love, Body Contouring is bringing a positive and uplifting experience to their clients, focusing on what’s inside as well as outside.

How often do you pop a filter on your pictures or use an editing app to make you feel more confident before posting your selfie? 

As much as we hate to admit it, we are in a society where we are under constant pressure to look a certain way, leaving us feeling dissatisfied and forever wanting to change how we look. 

Body Love, Body Contouring is a new clinic that seeks to bridge the gap between body-positivity and body-enhancing treatments.  

Opening just a few months ago, owner Adriana Rozaklis is passionate about giving her clients an experience where they not only see results, but also feel accepted, no matter their age, gender or body type. 

Adriana built her clinic on the unique gap between cosmetic/surgical treatments and consistent and strict exercise regimes.

“I didn’t want to go down a surgical route, but I wanted to feel comfortable in my skin again – body contouring is the gap between intense dieting and the surgical path,” shares Adriana. 

Feeling like there was a need in the market for a non-invasive, non-surgical option to achieving the body of your dreams, Body Love Body Contouring was born.

“I was right in that gap. Diets never worked, I couldn’t have surgery, and weight always seemed to come back as soon as I lost it.” 

The Glandore-based clinic offers a variety of treatments which have little to no downtime, meaning that you can get back to your daily activities without interruption. 

Body Love, Body Contouring offer a range of relaxing, comfortable treatments that effectively treat stubborn pockets of cellulite and fat, as well as loose and sagging skin. Treatments available are fat cavitation of the abdomen, hips, bra line, buttocks, thighs and arms, as well as skin tightening of the face, abdomen, hips, arms, breast/pectoral, thighs and buttocks.

One of the most popular treatments is the jawline contouring, perfect for flattening a double chin, which clients are able to get for $49 as an add-on with any other service. 

Adriana is incredibly passionate about ensuring her clients feel comfortable and empowered as soon as they enter the clinic. 

“When a client comes in, I want to know about their bodies, about their issues. I want to know not just about their bodies, but also their emotional status.  I want to be able to put myself inside their mind and see what they see, and then flip it to make them really love the person looking back at them in the mirror.”

As well as body treatments, Body Love also offers a variety of wellness treatments to uplift and empower clients. Having trained in kinesiology, Adriana feels strongly about the link between mental and physical health. 

“Since treatments can have anywhere between 4-8 sessions, you get to know your clients and can talk to them about their concerns. It’s more than just ego and looks. Clients are seeing their whole lives change.” 

The beautiful clinic has been designed to make clients feel welcomed. Settled within the quiet suburbs, you will feel a tranquil and comforting energy upon entering. 

“One of the things I try to do here is to create a space where you can come in and be yourself. You can have a conversation without judgement, and genuinely feel like you’re being heard.”

Still making your mind up about what to get your mum for Mother’s Day? Consider gifting a treatment at Body Love, Body Contouring.

“Whenever we do something to our bodies, we always talk about it with our girlfriends or our mum, so a great way of including them is to give them their own treatments.”

“You can come in together, spend some time in our infrared sauna and then get a treatment. A great gift idea is to give your mum an abdomen skin tightening treatment, especially since children are the ones that give mums loose skin on their tummies!”

Vouchers are also available if you would like to leave the choice up to your mamma. 

Body Love, Body Contouring is offering one lucky person the chance to WIN the ultimate “Body Love Glow Up” experience, which includes $1,000 of beauty treatments to share with your bestie! Click here to enter.

You can find Body Love Body Contouring at 37B Beckman St, Glandore. 

For more information make sure you visit their Facebook and Instagram

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