SA’s largest multicultural festival to return in 2023

Set to be held annually, the festival will showcase who we are as South Aussies and the ways we celebrate social harmony in our community.

Photo credit: Multicultural Affairs SA

In an effort to support and celebrate SA’s cultural diversity, the state’s largest multicultural festival will be returning to Adelaide in November 2023. Set to be held annually, the festival will showcase who we are as South Aussies and the ways we celebrate interculturalism and social harmony in our community.

“I am proud that people from over 200 culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse backgrounds call South Australia home and are willing and excited to be sharing their traditions, cuisine and cultural identity with us all,” says Minister for Multicultural Affairs Zoe Bettison.

“As a multicultural community, celebrating the many vibrant established, new, and emerging cultures we have across our state is the best way to embrace diversity and encourage connections among different cultures and nationalities.”

Previously held every two years, the 2023 festival will include a vibrant display of multicultural music and dance performances, interactive demonstrations, unique intercultural activities, and an exciting variety of stalls exhibiting cultural crafts, international art, and culinary delights.

Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga will come alive on Sunday 12 November 2023 from 11am till 5pm.

More than 70 multicultural community groups and over 50 cultures are expected to take part in the celebration sharing their rich heritage and traditions with the South Australian community.

Attendees will be able to sample tasty cuisine form around the world, listen to and appreciate multicultural music and performances, and participate in traditional activities.

“The Multicultural Festival provides an opportunity for us to strengthen intercultural understanding and to recognise cultural diversity as a positive influence in the community,” says Minister Bettison.

“I encourage all South Australians to put the Multicultural Festival on your must-do list for November 2023 and join us to celebrate multiculturalism and harmony through dance, music, activities, arts, crafts, and food.”

Multicultural community groups will be able to apply for grants through Multicultural Festival Grants in 2023 to support their participation.

In 2021, the Multicultural Festival attracted more than 7,000 attendees, where people of all ages enjoyed activities including Tongan drumming workshops, Egyptian belly dancing and traditional Russian doll-making.

To get an insight into what to expect, view the 2021 Multicultural Festival highlights video below:

To keep up to date with event details, visit the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website. To see photographs of previous years, visit the Multicultural Affairs SA Facebook page.

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