Spring Means One Thing – Milk For Fresh Cheese!

Spring has sprung and for Woodside Cheese Wrights Head Cheesemaker Kris Lloyd, it’s a special time of year!

As soon as September arrives there seems to be a lot more smiling faces out and about, ourselves included and it’s not just because the weather is a bit warmer. In cheese land it means spring milk is in!

This milk is brimming with sweet, herbaceousness and full of goodness. Our favourite this time of the year is goat milk as it returns to our cheese rooms in abundance and its spring goat milk is the best season for goat milk cheeses.

Woodside Cheese WrightsIt also means we start producing our gorgeous Monet cheese again after a long winter spell. Each of these cheeses are made by hand with a lot of love ….let me tell you! We photograph them, goo and gah over how gorgeous they are and poor us we also need to taste them just to be sure.

Woodside Cheese Wrights
Monet was one of the finalist in this years grand dairy awards and continues to be awarded in many competitions world wide. It is now our most highly photographed and highly awarded cheese in the large portfolio of cheeses we produce.

Seasoned with edible spring flowers and herbs it has a fresh flavor that is quite addictive.

Woodside Cheese Wrights
We have been making Monet since 2006 when we were told it was a great idea but it will never work …you can’t put flowers on cheese and expect to commercialize it, it won’t last. We are so glad we didn’t listen to that!
Monet has made it onto many cheese boards in Australia and across the world. It has been loved by Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla on two occasions catching their eye as they marveled it as a work of art.

We hope you will get a chance to sample this seasons Monet soon.

For more details on Woodside Cheese Wrights Monet, and their beautiful range, visit their website.

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