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The GoFundMe Pages For The Families Affected By The SA Bushfires

As the devastating reach of the South Australian bushfires comes to light, the numerous affected businesses, areas, houses, and families need our help.


As the devastating reach of the South Australian bushfires comes to light, the numerous affected businesses, areas, houses, and families need our help. We have a list of the GoFundMe pages that have been created for families that have lost their homes.

Here’s a quick link guide, or scroll down for details on each of the GoFundMe accounts.

For further additions, please email, [email protected].

Aristaeus Farms

As you’re all aware, the Cudlee Creek bushfire has devastated the Adelaide hills and a result of the fires our friends, Marc, Rhiann & Estelle at Aristaeus Farms have lost everything! Their house sadly went up in flames in the evening of Friday 19th December. Absolutely everything has gone including their bee keeping equipment & all business related items. As the fires took every piece of equipment they owned we would like you to help us raise money to go towards the purchase of new equipment. Thankfully the bees & other animals survived but some spare hives etc were also lost. If we’re able to pull together & help Marc, Rhiann & Estelle of  Aristaeus Farms out we would be more than appreciative. In dreadful times like these we must pull together & help our fellow man out. You can read all about Aristaeus Farms here 
Donate here:

James & Rai – raise a Phoenix from the ashes fund

Bushfire relief for Deb and Mick

My Aunty Deb and her partner lost their home and all their possessions  yesterday in the Gumeracha fire.

As a newly bought home, contents insurance hadn’t been finalised and they have been left to rebuild just days out from Christmas.

We understand that this is a difficult time of year and many people across Australia are facing similar hardships but if you could spare any amount to aid them through this it would be deeply appreciated. Even a little will go a long way in helping them to buy the essentials.

Donate here:

160 years of family history lost

In the devastating Cuddlee Creek bushfires, Sally’s parents lost the family home in Woodside. It had been in the family for 160 years. Her parents got out with the clothes on their backs, and their dogs.

The Webb/Nelson Family Bushfire Support Fundraiser

In September my family moved from Cudlee Creek Rd, Lobethal… to the Southern suburbs.. We were the lucky ones.. so we would like to give back. We are so saddened to hear that the new tenants of our old home (after living there for only 3 months) have had to evacuate, leaving their horses behind and now their home is burnt to the ground.. they have lost everything. So my family have started this GoFundMe to support the Nelson family, the tenants of 631 Cudlee Creek Rd, Lobethal… who just took over our lease and were literally only just getting settled into their new home. AS WELL as the Webb family that only moved to Cudlee Creek in August and who have also lost everything.. Marc Webb was medically discharged from the military in June and bought his place on Langley Rd to help with his recovery, a true hero who has served our country.. He and his wife also have a 12 year old daughter who is devastated… this family need all the help we can give right now!! All proceeds raised will be split between these two families; Cudlee Creeks most recent residents.

Tina and Christel 

The Lobethal fire came through so quickly, Christel and her daughter Tina had no time to grab more than essential documents. By the time the fire trucks arrived the house was well ablaze.  Tina’s son battled through the night to fight the blaze, finally falling asleep on the driveway, Tina and Christel have lost everything, including precious family memories. Your donation of any amount would be thankfully received as they try to rebuild their lives from the ashes.

Promnitz Family

The devastating Cuddlee Creek fires have destroyed my father-in-law’s house. Hayden, his partner and my husband tried to stay and defend until it was too unsafe to stay. They left when the flames were on the top of the hill across the gully. They got out with the clothes on their back leaving behind everything else. If you can, please help these beautiful people to get back on their feet and rebuild their home.

Jordan & Steph

Jordan and his friend Steph and their cats have been living a quiet life in Lobethal, both coping with mental health and other health concerns, until the fires took their home. Full details on the link:

Helen and Geoff Glanville

A couple who have worked with prisoner’s families for years, Helen and Geoff Glanville have been left with nothing but their car after fire took their Gumeracha home. This fundraiser has been created by another couple who are actually victims of the same bushfire themselves.

SA fires: Ian and Kathy – family home up in smoke!

My father in law Ian, and partner Kathy lost their home when the fire tore through the Adelaide hills. This photo is of them absolutely devastated looking at the remains. They are the sort of people who would never ask for any help at this tough time. I can’t even imagine how they must feel losing there home this close to Christmas. So I’ve decided to organise this go fund me to help them in this tough time. Any little bit would help. Thanks for taking the time to read this xxxx

Cudlee Creek Bushfire Victims 

Megan and Kirstie’s parents lost their home in the devastating Cudlee Creek fires.

Lost House Adelaide Bush Fires

Tammy’s close friends lost their home in the catastrophic fires.

NEW: Support Mark, Fiona and their remaining wildlife

Although they have lost their house and possessions, Mark and Fiona from Kangaroo Island have stated that much of the funds will be donated to buying food for the surviving wildlife in the park.

NEW: Mount Charles Farm Restoration

Mount Charles  is a family farm which has been in the Hannaford family for three generations and  severely affected by the Cudlee Creek Bushfires on 20 December 2019. 

There has been widespread loss to  240 acres of farming paddocks, equipment including the  hay – truck, back-hoe, fodder for cattle, 10 km of fencing and 12 .5 hectares of the set line – irrigation. 

Fruit trees have been decimated as well as water lines to cattle troughs and part of the stockyards. The  hay-sheds have both been completely destroyed, costing in excess of $50 000 to rebuild, with at least $50 000 hay lost during the fire. Whilst the farm is insured, the losses will significantly exceed the insured amount, which  will have a detrimental effect on the future of farming at Mount Charles. All funds will be used to re-establish irrigation, fencing, new hay sheds, and hay truck, as well as to purchase hay through the winter months.


NEW: Bushfire Relief and Medical Bills For Jenni & Robert Wyrsta

My grandfather and his wife have become yet more victims of the bushfires. They decided to risk their lives to save their land and animals. Unfortunately the fire hit their land from two directions at once and they lost nearly everything, including their animals. My grandfather barely escaped the flames and has already had two surgeries. Thankfully the CFS arrived before the flames took them as well.

Smart’s farm damage

My brother and Tara and the boys have been hit really hard in the fires yesterday. Losing everything on his farm except his house. He has no fences, no sheds, no tractor, no feed for his cows and sheep. They have no power and no water either. I’m asking kindly if you could help out so he can get some fencing up to be able to keep his stock on his property. And they lost 200 bales of hay all his rain water tanks.

Dauchier Family

The Cuddlee Creek bushfire has devastated the Adelaide hills and the Dauchier Family is one of the many that not only lost their Family home, but all of their belongings and their memorabilia.

If you have a couple of dollars to spare this Christmas to help this family re build their home and get their feet back on the ground.

NEW: Almond Cart Family Winery

On Friday 20th Dec, just days out from Christmas, this family lost their livelihood. Kim Anderson had to watch as the Cuddlee Creek fires completely destroyed our vineyard -and along with it- everything he has worked for since 2008.

Since 2008, Kim has put his heart and soul into this vineyard, even working away in mines -away from his family- to raise the money to get his dream off the ground. Last year he lost over $100,000 due to a harsh frost (that also crippled many other growers in the area).

On Friday, he lost everything. The vineyard was burnt to the ground, with wires, drippers and posts destroyed. He has insurance for the materials but nothing covers the fruit. Nothing covers the vines. Nothing covers the fact that this will not be a functioning vineyard again for years.

Sue The Foster Mum

Unfortunately today a beautiful local mum who goes above and beyond for anyone and everyone has lost her home and everything they own in the fires here in the hills at Harrogate she has 6 beautiful children a foster mum for many many years. At this time of year such a horrible thing to experience my heart breaks to even write this. I would love to be able to raise the funds to help them get started again from scratch and make things a little easier and possibly a little Merrier for Christmas.

NEW: Help Lilly Recover on KI

Lilly has lost her home, sheep and all her belongings in the KI fires over Christmas time.

The Markham Bushfire Fund

My friend and colleague has just lost her home and some of her pets to the Cudlee Creek bushfires.

Support The Mcintosh Family

This photo was taken before the beloved home of the local Mcintosh’s family’s house was completely destroyed by the fire, after catching light during the Adelaide Hills bushfires on the 20th of December.

Nicole, Brent, Lachlan and Ella are Lobethal locals, well known in the wider hills community for their kindness and reliability, running the Balhannah Cafe and catering business; The Olive Branch. With their years of friendship and service in the Adelaide hills, hosting a number of fundraisers in their café and brightening people’s days, they are an integral part of our community. 
Though thankfully all safe and unharmed, the family of 4 face a devastating new task of starting from scratch after losing their home so suddenly and unexpectedly.  In the spirit of Christmas, we ask that you share this campaign and donate what you are able to, or pop in to The Olive Branch to support their business in trying times.

Cynthia’s home burned down in SA bushfires

Our friend Cynthia Gilles has had her house completely burnt down in the recent bushfires in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills SA. She has evacuated with nothing but the clothes on her back. Any contribution to help her and her senior close friend and housemate Roger get back on their feet would be very much appreciated. Both are in their 80’s and have been seriously affected.

Alyson and Caitlin

Our dearest and closest friends Alyson and Caitlin, have lost their home in the devastating Cudlee Creek bush fires 20/12/19. Please help us raise funds to get these beautiful women back on their feet. Any donation would be greatly appreciated to buy essentials like toiletries, bedding and clothes at this difficult time.

Support the Ward Family

Janelle (Nell) and James Ward and their three young children from Lobethal, SA lost their beautiful family home in the fires.

Terri Thiel Bushfire recovery fund

The home Terri has lived in for years is gone. She has lost everything: her pet cats, prized possessions from her Nan and pretty much everything in the house. She is safe now, but been evacuated to Edithburgh jetty as the wind has swung around and the fire is headed for Sultana point and Edithburgh today (21/11/19). For those of you who know Terri Thiel, please send her your love, thoughts and help. She is always volunteering at the netty/footy club and now she will be the one who needs some support.

Tracey and Sean start again

Friday (21/12/19) was a very difficult day for many Adelaide Hills residents. Unfortunately my Mum (Tracey), her partner Sean and my sister (Esther) lost their home.  There are so many layers to what they lost – the everyday necessities like clothing and bedding, the little luxuries that get us through the day like our favourite coffee mug or your favourite chair, kitchen utensils, furniture and of course the things you can’t replace like photos, baby blankets and keepsakes. They also lost the safety and security of having a place to call home. Mum and Sean aren’t the type of people who ask for help.  They’re the kind of people who are constantly helping others –  people who drop round food when you’re stressed, people who baby sit when you have gastro (even if your child also has gastro and they know they’re both going to get sick), people who adopt a greyhound with mental health issues, people who get things done. Many people have asked in the last 24 hours how they can help and at this stage we don’t really know what the process is. It will be a long road back to normal life. I set up this page to try a ease some of the stress of worrying about money over the next few weeks as Mum (Tracey) and Sean start rebuilding their lives.

Bushfire relief for Geoff and Priscilla

Geoff and Priscilla lost their home and all their possessions in the Kangaroo Island bushfires.

Leanne and Nils Family Fundraiser

On Friday 20th December 2019, Leanne and Nil’s lost their family home to devastating bushfires in the Adelaide Hills. Leanne and Nils have two beautiful young children, Morgana (6) and Fynn (4). The family have been left with only the clothes on their back. All funds raised will be donated to the family to start rebuilding their lives.

The Pullen Family

On the 20th of December 2019 The Pullen family became victims of the horrific and extremely fast acting Adelaide hills bushfires in Mt Torrens SA, losing their home and many possessions. The Pullens are an extremely generous, loving family and they have agreed to allow us to form this page to help them get by during this busy Christmas period. All Donations will go towards helping the family with day to day expenses and costs until they are able to assess the damage and recuperate.

Goodger Family

Luke and Sierra have lost their family home with all their belongings, near Mt Torrens in the catastrophic bushfire on December 20th. With 3 young boys aged 7, 5 and 1, this is completely devastating for their family just before Christmas. Any donation would be appreciated to help this hardworking family get through the festive season.

Rising from the ashes – Juliet & Darren Schultz

This precious family with three young girls lost everything during the Cudlee Creek fires.

Darren and Juliet Shultz are the first to give and the last to ask for anything. While their immediate needs have been taken care of, and they were fully insured, the weeks and months between now and when they can start to rebuild their lives will be tough. Your support, however big or small, will help them through one of the toughest times of their lives Thank you, and may you be blessed for your generous donation x

Ervin and Belinda’s phoenix fund

Much loved Lobethal creatives Belinda Broughton and Ervin Janek have lost almost everything in the bushfire on the 20th of December 2019 and you can help. Their house and studio are gone, leaving nothing but rubble,  twisted iron and a useless set of keys. Escaping to safety with only their citizenship documents, camera, computers and a treasure trove of digital poetry and photography, they have lost everything else: art tools, 30-years of journals, the potato peeler and pyjamas…everything that makes a life and the means to live it. Only Belinda could keep her dark sense of humour at such a time, describing the devastating loss as an “exceptionally good decluttering” and a tabla rasa – clean slate.

Linda, Jordi & the kids

Linda, Jordi & the kids lost their home yesterday. It is a very sad & stressful time. Let’s help them! If we all put in a couple of dollars we won’t bring their house, car & belongings back but we can help bring Christmas to the kids. My name is Lorraine, from Adelaide SA and I am Linda’s sister *& the one organising the fundraiser). The raised funds will be transferred to Linda’s bank account. The donations will be used to re-buy Christmas gifts for their 4 children and will also go towards re-starting their lives due to losing everything in the bushfire.

Immediate help for the Seebohm family

(Currently Closed to Donations)

Gemma received the devastating news that their family home and property have all been lost in the fires on Friday. Not even a week before Christmas, Gemma, husband Andrew and three children Chloe (6), Ava (3) and Jai (1) have lost absolutely everything. Gemma wears her heart on her sleeve and helps anyone in need. It breaks our hearts to see them all go through this and desperately want to help provide some financial support during this time. We all know how long insurance claims take!

For further additions, please email, [email protected].

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