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Vegan Festival Adelaide Returns, Is The Healthiest Thing You’ll Ever Attend

A vegan mecca returns to Victoria Square this November with some very awesome guests.

Vegans are everywhere. They live on your street, in your neighborhood, drink at your cafes, eating at your restaurants. Some are silent, others more outspoken. They know how to pronounce Quinoa properly. And they’re all about food.

You can be one of those vegans all about health, fitness and raw foods. Or you can like burgers, donuts and cakes and be vegan. Whatever your style, the Vegan Festival Adelaide has got you covered. Also, for all the non-vegans out there, you can learn a lot more about what it’s all about.

Over two days on Saturday 5 November and Sunday 6 November in Victoria Square, vegan foods and the lifestyle will be on show with live performances, guest keynote speakers, children’s’ entertainment, cooking demonstrations, workshops, Vegan Drag Queen DJ’s, and over 70 stalls with fabulous food, merchandise and information.

Start the day with a Qi Gong or Yoga session and stay to take part in a range of workshops. Pleasure your senses with vegan cocktails, floating pies and a wide range of raw dishes, gluten free options and cold drip coffee. Australia’s favourite Purple Puppet, “Randy” will be the MC throughout the day, introducing our special guests including Tyler Tolman Holistic Nutritionist & Coach with thousands of followers, David Cole, Tegan Steele Veggie Girl, James Aspey – Animal Activist and Voiceless 365 founder and more!

There will also be a couple of side events happening, starting on Thursday 3rd November the incredible Leilani Münter, a biology graduate turned professional race car driver and environmental activist, in town to share her story with part proceeds going to the Saving Nemo Fund. Tickets are available here. Then on the Sunday 6th, you can be part of a VIP (Vegan Inspirational People) breakfast in the Square On Sunday 6th November, with food supplied by Mischief Brew, Bob Bowls & Aqua Botanicals. Places at that table can be booked here.

Of course, this whole event is aiming to be zero waste as well. For further information check out the Vegan Festival Adelaide website or follow their Facebook page.


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