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5 Ways To Get Fit For Summer

Glam’s guide to last-minute summer fitness!

It’s only 9 days until summer, and we at Glam Adelaide have spent a winter warming ourselves up with pasta and red wine!! So just for our reference, and a little for yours, we’ve put our heads together and found the best ways to tone up and get fit.

1. OrangeTheory

Push yourself to the limit with this high intensity group fitness class. You’ll circuit between the treadmill, rowing machine, TRX ropes and free weights for 60 minutes. The aim of the game is to spike your heart rate and hit the “Orange Zone” – 84% of your heart rate or higher. This is essentially where you burn the most calories and it catapults you into something called EPOC which helps you burn calories even after your workout has ended. Win win, right? Find out more here. Fitness Level: all | Intensity: high 

2. Studio Pilates

This low-impact reformer Pilates group class will help get you in shape for summer. You’ll spend 45-minutes toning the whole body and strengthening core muscles. You can do Pilates on its own or add it to your weekly gym routine. It’s particularly great if you’re pregnant or you have any injuries. We loved it because even when you’re working hard, you don’t actually sweat that much (if at all), so if you’re prefer working out in the mornings before work, this is an easy option. Find out more here. Fitness Level: All | Intensity: Low-Medium

3. Barre Classes

Hands down one of our favourite ways to get a complete toning workout while also being good fun! Barre fuses ballet, conditioning, yoga and Pilates movements to work out almost every muscle in your body. Fat burning and strengthening, Barre ticks all out workout boxes! Check out The Barre Studio or Aleenta Barre for more info. Fitness Level: All | Intensity: High

4. Bushwalking

Grab your friends and Lorna Jane and head out into the great outdoors. Workouts with a sneaky Instagram are the best kind, so get onto some of Adelaide’s beautiful walking tracks and take in the sights and sounds of SA, all while burning those excess winter calories! Glam’s Best Spring Walking Trails Of Adelaide can help you pick which trail to head out on! Fitness Level: all | Intensity: whatever you make it! 

5. ‘Sweat’ the App

This app really has the best of everything – it’s no wonder women around the world are going ‘nanas for it. You get four workouts in the one app: Adelaide superstar, Kayla Itsines’, Bikini Body Guide (BBG); BBG Stronger (designed to use at the gym); Mind Yoga with Sjana Elise and SELF Post-Pregnancy with Kelsey Wells. The beauty of this is that you can do these anywhere, anytime and it’s super affordable. You can do the standard 12-week challenges or use it as an ongoing guide. Fitness Level: all | Intensity: Low-High

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