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Groove Terminator’s Guide To The New House Music Festival Hitting McLaren Vale

Sunshine and wine with legends of the house music scene at Adelaide’s newest home grown festival, Block Rocking Beats. Groove Terminator is our guide.


Adelaide’s newest home-grown festival, Block Rocking Beats combines a day of sunshine and wine with legends of the house music scene on December 28 at Simon Hackett Wines, McLaren Vale. 

Headlined by 90’s pioneer of French dance music, Dimitri From Paris, he will be joined by Shy FX & Stamina MC, Krafty Kuts, and Australian dance music royalty and Adelaide’s very own DJ, Groove Terminator.

As well as performing at Block Rocking Beats, Groove Terminator is presenting the event with Play Events. Together they handpicked their favourite DJs to come to Adelaide for that perfect summer weekend party between Christmas and New Years.

Groove Terminator gives us a guide for the brand new festival and what to expect:

About Block Rocking Beats: 

Block Rocking Beats was born from an idea Daniel (Play Events) and I had when talking about what’s next after seeing how well my House5 with the Gospo Collective shows went during the Adelaide Fringe 2019,” Groove Terminator explains.

“Both of us love day events and we decided if a few of our favourite DJ’s become available over Christmas maybe we should try and throw a party at a winery or something. I found out Dimitri From Paris was going to be touring, whom I’ve absolutely loved as a producer and DJ  since the early 2000s. Daniel then mentioned to me that maybe Krafty Kuts and ShyFX & Stamina MC were all available. The idea of combining some wonderful music by some of the best DJ’s and MC’s in their field in an absolutely glorious setting of McLaren Vale was quite appealing to us as a party!”

The line-up: 

“For me, it’s not about genres. there is only music that moves you and music that doesn’t. We have programmed the event like the best party playlist, with John Morley and DJ Josh getting you going in the afternoon to Krafty delivering the best in party breaks and me – Groove Terminator and the Gospo Collective take over for some absolute club classics that is House 5, while Dimitri sets the tone just around sunset and then finally ShyFX & Stamina bring it home just like we used to do on a Thursday at Heaven back in the day.”

Dimitri from Paris:

“When it comes to disco Dimitri From Paris is a genuine authority. A global name and a DJ superstar, Dimitri is a modern-day maestro who has fans that span across three decades of touring and releases.” 

Shy FX:

“The grandson of pioneering Jamaican sound system DJ Count Shelly, London-born DJ and producer Shy FX is a veteran jungle/drum’n’bass DJ and producer who has scored several U.K. pop hits and helped the genre achieve mainstream acceptance while maintaining underground credibility.” 

Krafty Kuts:

“One of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement, Krafty Kuts is in a league of his own, renowned and respected worldwide for his highly technical turntablism, meticulously crafted DJ sets and party-punching productions.”

Groove Terminator: 

As well as presenting the event, Groove Terminator will be performing live on stage with the Gospo Collective choir. Reimagining his legendary HOUSE 5 DJ mix live, accompanied by the choir. He is one of the most long-serving, respected and influential DJs in Australia with 28yrs + experience under his belt.  

Saturday 28 December, 3pm til 11pm – Simon Hackett Wines, McLaren Vale

With local supports:

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