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20 New Adelaide Bars, Restaurants & Venues That Just Opened

Throughout winter, there were some of us who braved the cold and opened a restaurant for us to burrow in and alleviate our SAD.

Years ago when Glam was just a fledgling site, Winter was a time we could recuperate from all the action that happened in the warmer months, and take some respite before it all happened again.

It seems that as Adelaide grows up, launches, events and openings are now happening solidly year-round, and anyone who thought they would hibernate through the cooler months is sorely mistaken.

While some of us bunkered down with a snuggie and Netflix this Winter, a STACK of fantastic new places opened up in Adelaide and beyond – so here’s your guide to what’s new, and worth checking out (before Spring truly hits and your list gets EVEN LONGER!).


1000 Island

Courtesy of the purveyors of cool and fun, 1000 Island was born out of the brains of the Sunny’s Pizza crew. When the neighbouring Fairweather closed, Sunny’s jumped on to facilitate the expansion of their ‘bar with good food’ identity and now we can hit up 1000 Island.

Straight out of a drug-fueled dream taking place in the ’70s, 1000 Island is all leather booths, a love letter to the cubism art movement and just bloody cool. They’re open now so after you scoff down your pizza, stroll next door and check out their offerings.

Check out our photos of 1000 Island here.

Stacked Social

Amidst the myriad of bars boasting cosy interiors and specialising in gin, new O’Connell Street bar, Stacked Social, is hitting quite a few firsts.

Both an Adelaide-first bar that specialises in cognac and an Australia-wide high-class poker bar, Stacked Social is reminiscent of an old-school glamour that’s associated with the Rat Pack.

Poker on one side and cocktail bar on the other, Stacked Social amalgamates the best of both those worlds. Oh, and they make a mean Cognac Espressotini.

Read our first look and interview with Stacked Social.

Stacked Social

Golden Boy’s New Basement Bar

A top ten list regular, Golden Boy have expanded their repertoire with a slick basement bar.

The new cellar space is reminiscent of an underground, Japanese-influenced bar. Boasting plush booths, brass, and a navy carpeted floor, punters will be treated to Golden Boy’s entire drinks list, which includes many local South Australian gems.

The space is also home to a private dining room which seats 12-18 people and can be booked for an entire night.

Find out more here.

Golden Boy’s Basement Bar

Paloma Bar and Pantry

The opening date for Paloma might span back a few months (late May) but we’re still pretty enamoured by this new bar and what it represents on Peel Street.

Unlike the cosy and moody bars that line Peel St, Paloma is rightly lit, with soft white and beige features that illuminate the venue. It’s unabashedly sexy and a location where both riotous chatter and intimate conversation is cultivated. Check it out.

If you STILL haven’t been, check out our article.


Dat Place

Dat Place is a brand new bar and restaurant located on Hindley Street at the former well-known Cushdy location. During the day, it’s a bar and restaurant and after hours it converts to a nightclub.

With three different rooms and a mean wood oven that slings pizzas at patron, Dat Place joins the spaces integral to the West End’s revitalisation.

Read all about Dat Place here.


Part Time Lover

Opening in September and technically not in the time frame noted but as we’re a little bit late with this guide, we’ve made the executive decision to include it.

Part Time Lover joins the impressive clique of laneway restaurants in the CBD. The windows that are flung wide open and bring in beam of natural light that illuminate the gorgeous interior. The menu, curated by head chef Stewart Wesson, is divided into three parts; vegetarian, fish and meat. Something for everyone.

Read all about Part Time Lover here


The former Caos Café has finally seen a fitting takeover with huge wine bar and restaurant, Stem. Think lots of share plates, Italian influences, pastas, gnocchi (all made fresh and in house) as well as a range of pizzas from Stem’s huge imported oven.

With the original brick walls and facade of the 1901 building exposed and contrasted with smooth concrete and wood elements, Stem stands out as extremely unique in the CBD’s west end, partly due to the plethora of plants that cover every unused inch of space.

See all our thoughts and pictures here.


Newly opened Neapolitan pizzeria Madre, is the highly anticipated second venture from the team behind the hugely successful Pizzateca in McLaren Vale. The venue has a strong focus on presenting authentic Italian food that reflects the culture of Naples. An extremely unique way the venue does this is by using Mediterranean sea water in their dough, which is all made in-house.

More about Madre here.

Quetzalcoatl Mexican Restaurant

Internationally famed but locally still a hidden gem of sorts, Taco Quetzalcoatl has expanded to the city with a restaurant on Unley Road in September. Expect bright decor, a lively atmosphere, Mexican cocktails aplenty. Think tequila sunrises, tequila margaritas and pina coladas and pair them with authentic salsas, tacos and house pressed tortillas. They are renowned as one of South Australia’s most authentic Mexican eateries with good reason.

Read more about the new Taqueria here.


Adam Liston (the chef behind Leigh Street’s popular restaurant, Shobosho) says Joybird is their modern take on the classic chicken and chip shop. The 120 seater venue slings everything from charcoal and wood fired split BBQ chickens, chicken fat roast potatoes, al pastor sandwiches, toasted yiros, and of course a selection of beer, wine and cocktails.

Read more the chicken and chip shop.

Cafes & Take Away Joints

Love, Stephy

With light streaming through windows, dessert cafe Love, Stephy does give the same ethereal and romantic impression from namesake, 2014 film Love, Rosie. From the delightful hanging chairs, to the plush pink seats and an inventive ceiling, Love, Stephy’s identity is on full display.

Implementing three pastry chefs who work all hours to produce a range of house made treats.

You’ll find it on Hindley Street, check out the glorious pink cafe here.

Creamistry Cafe and Dessert Bar 

Like all great ideas, Creamistry Cafe and Dessert Bar was envisioned by four friends over a glass of wine. Now a reality, Creamistry recently opened on Henley Beach Road and is serving up a variety of brunch items, and dessert with a twist.

The twist: liquid nitrogen ice-cream, freshly made at the table.

More info and pictures of the delicious creations here.

Denari Cafe & Dessert Bar

If you’re a major fan of cheesecake then your wishes have just been granted with a new Adelaide cafe, located in Prospect, now serving your favourite flavoured cheesecake … on a stick.

The Italian and American inspired Denari Cafe & Dessert Bar in Prospect, serves six different flavoured, dipped in chocolate fondue and decorated with your choice of edible decorations. And there’s so much more …

Check it out here.

Cheeky Chook Eats

The chicken and chip shop garnered a lot of intrigue this winter with Joybird and now Cheeky Chook Eats. Both associated with well-known figures in the industry. Celebrity chef Adam Swanson’s new chicken shop takes the idea of a chicken shop to new levels. Oh, and their chips are pretty spectacular (Glam Adelaide approved).

Read all about it here.

Rucola Café

New authentic Italian cafe, Rucola serves delicious stone oven pizzas in a spacious dining experience. The venue strives to create a cosy, relaxing environment, much like home. And they do so by offering simple yet super fresh and reasonably priced pizzas with most of the ingredients used sourced straight from Italy.

The star of the show is the stone oven pizzas. They include all of the classics and a range of more authentic slices.

More info here.

Hey Darling

Joining the likes of other fan favourite cafes and lunch spots, Hey Darling has opened up on Pirie Street in late August, specialising in coffee and quick grab n’ go meals for busy office workers.

Offering an epic range of coffee sizes, the piece de resistance at Hey Darling is the Big Mama. A coffee with four shots of coffee, the only cure for a Monday.

Read all about Hey Darling here.

Viet Menu

There’s a new Vietnamese eatery joining the eclectic group of food outlets at the City Cross food court. Aptly named Viet Menu, the outlet will be serving delicious Vietnamese food including Bahn Mi, the ever-popular beef noodle soup, Pho, and seafood soup.

More about Viet Menu here.

Cellar Doors

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole Wines, the McLaren Vale winery, positively broke the internet last month when it released pictures of its new cellar door, which includes a vintage bus called Lennon. The cellar door has been built in a similar fashion to Lennon’s fit out. An ethereal and rustic vibe that’s been replicated in their stationary location.

Check out this gorgeous new cellar door here.

Riverland Wine Centre

Pike River in South Australia’s Riverland is home to the newly opened ‘Riverland Wine Centre’, which officially launched on August 25. Hosting over 20 different Riverland wineries, the Wine Centre’s interactive storyboards take you through the journey of each winery and provide tastings from each one. Some of these wineries include, Angove Family Winemakers, Burke Salter Wines, Caudo Vineyard, 919 Wines, Salena Estate and Berri Estates Winery.

Read our article on Pike River here.


Vintage Van Gogh

Not a bar, not a restaurant and not takeaway per se. We’ve popped Vintage Van Gogh under the miscellaneous section as the first BYO Paint & Sip studio in Adelaide.

Vintage Van Gogh, which like its tortured namesake, is a place to release pent up emotions – elation, joy, intense cringe from an unwarranted flashback, through the medium of paint and with the aid of a drink or two.

Check out your newest paint and sip haunt here.

These new places are just a taste of the many venues that have opened up over the last 12 months. Our comprehensive guide to new restaurants in Adelaide covers all the venues opened in the past year. Making your eating out life both easier and harder all at once. Go on, make plans.

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