Your comprehensive guide to Adelaide’s hottest new bars

Check out the hottest new bars that have popped up around Adelaide in the past 12 months!

Last updated August 2023.

The weekend is always just around the corner and it’s always wine o’clock somewhere right?

Luckily for us, there are plenty of great options of where to go for a bevvy or two in Adelaide and we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest new spots that have opened in the past 12 months.

Whether you’re up for a couple of post-work drinks, a quiet catch-up, or a big night out, this is our guide to the best new bars in town.

Four Sides Bar and Kitchen

Opened August 2023

King William Road is getting all the love it deserves with a number of new bars and restaurants opening on the premium strip. Officially opening its doors last week, the new eatery in Hyde Park is a second venture for the team behind neighbouring eatery, Bistro Français.

Fabien Streit and Nazzareno Falaschetti are joined by Baz Rampal for the bar and restaurant, which focuses on modern Australian cuisine, showcasing a broad variety of food and preparations, along with local and international products.

You can find Four Sides Bar and Kitchen at 165 King William Road, Hyde Park.

Alt Wine Bar

Opened July 2023

Offering a sophisticated and stylish nightlife hub, Alt aims to become the missing link for wine, cocktail, and small plates lovers in the area.

As guests step into Alt, they will be greeted by an extensive wine list and an intriguing selection of cocktails, designed by the venue manager, Courtney Price. 

A particular highlight is the cocktail called the Siren Song, a delightful blend of Ginache, sour pineapple, and rhubarb—a perfect representation of Alt’s commitment to alternative and innovative creations.

You can find Alt Wine Bar at 151 King William Road, Hyde Park 5061.

Icarus Bar and Restaurant 

Opened July 2023

Icarus bar and restaurant has officially launched on Peel Street, bringing a unique blend of flavours through its dishes and cocktails.

Co-owner Sam, with a deep-rooted passion for food and hospitality, has created a haven of gastronomic delights that spotlight local and organic suppliers from South Australia.

You can find Icarus at 23 Peel St, Adelaide SA 5000

Boomers Bar

Opened August 2023

As you step through the doors of Boomers Bar, you’ll feel an unmistakable shift in time. Welcome to a place where the clocks are wound back, and the spirit of the 1960s right through to the 1980s comes alive in all its groovy glory.

Locals Andrew and Shelley were in search for a laid-back spot in the South to unwind with friends. Their search eventually lead them to create the newest hotspot on Beach Road.

You can find Boomers Bar at 25 Beach Road Christies Beach

La Louisiane

Opened July 2023

A late-night basement brasserie with French fare, live jazz and martinis until 2am has opened at 89 King William Street in Adelaide’s CBD. Since the grand opening of La Louisiane last weekend, the underground Parisian spectacle immersing people into the heart of France has been a major hit. 

The pop-up that will run between July and December is a collaboration between two major Adelaide hospitality names, Big Easy Group (who run Nola, House Of George and more) and Gonzo Group who are late night aficionados (owning Shotgun Willies, Memphis Slim’s House of Blues and Cry Baby).

You can find La Louisiane at 89 King William Street, Adelaide 5000.


Opened May 2023

Adelaide’s West End has revealed an underground hidden gem for cocktail enthusiasts: trap. The cocktail bar aims to captivate the taste buds and hearts of cocktail lovers with its intimate setting and a team of expert bartenders.

As guests step into trap., they will discover a 20-seater underground cocktail bar that promises a unique experience focused on genuine service and fostering connections with customers. Bar manager, Jack Somers, highlights the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere.

You can find Trap at Cold Chisel Lane, Adelaide SA 5000.

High Spirits

Opened May 2023

New West End bar, High Spirits, has fast become one of Adelaide’s premier hotspots for extravagant cocktails and tropical vibes.

The Tiki-inspired modern venue took over the 1890’s Quelltaler House in December and owner, Jamie Tierney, says bar-goers have embraced the eclectic setting.

Tucked away from the busy hustle of the city’s streets, the bar makes its guests feel its name. Keeping drinkers in high spirits is their inspiration to continue doing great things.

You can find High Spirits at 20 Gilbert Place, Adelaide.


Opened April 2023

Every now and then, a new venue opens that pushes the boundaries and a new bar in North Adelaide is doing just that. Teetering the line between classic combinations and experimental blends, Fú Cocktail & Wine Bar follows just one main rule: quality ingredients always.

The dark, moody interior of Fú gives it the vibe of a classic underground speakeasy and instils a sense of calm, allowing you to let go and trust that you will be duly looked after throughout your experience.

You can find Fu Cocktail Bar at 129 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide.

Wax Bar

Opened April 2023

Retro lovers, a new vinyl bar called Wax just opened its doors in Franks Lane by hospitality moguls Penny Hospitality.

The group is a young, creative team setting a new benchmark in Adelaide hospitality and breathing new life into spaces throughout the state. They’ve opened up well-known locations like Hindley Street Music Hall, Lion Arts Factory, Joe’s Henley Beach, West Oak Hotel and more.

The inspiration behind their new project, Wax Bar, stemmed from the hugely popular Her Bar in Melbourne. While vibing with the music, people have been sipping on a range of cocktails and mocktails including the classics plus those a little more fancy like Mango Daiquiris, Tropical Caprioskas and Watermelon Palomas.

You can find Wax Bar at Lvl 1, Franks Lane off Rundle Street, Adelaide

A Social Undertaking

Opened February 2023

What do you get when you cross a bustling bar with a funeral business? A Social Undertaking. 

Seriously. A Social Undertaking is a brand new bar in the CBD and its… deadly. This little bar with a big (beating) heart is all about coffins. And there’s a reason for it.

Owners Joelie and her partner Col also run a funeral home. That’s right. They’re undertakers, and this is their social undertaking. 

You can find A Social Undertaking at 25 Gresham Street Adelaide.


Opened February 2023

Stirling. It’s the timeless, leafy village that charms all who visit. Wandering down the picturesque streets you come across myriad cafés and restaurants. And now you’ll come across one more.

Barrel is Stirling’s newest neighbourhood wine bar. It also happens to be the only one. So now, when you’re in the hills, you can get your delicious, wine fix. 

You can find Barrel at Shop 3/4 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling SA 5152


Opened February 2023

Just a couple of months ago, Dokeo was tucked away in the depths of the CBD, located out of an old motorcycle workshop. Now, it has been revitalised into something special. The café come wine bar has more than doubled in size, moving to Pultney Street.

Having opened as a café at the end of last year, Dokeo has also become a nighttime haunt, now operating as wine bar from Thursday to Saturday.

Read more here.

You can find Dokeo at 258 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000

Amor Tapas and Wine Bar

Opened February 2023

Set amongst the hustle and bustle of King William Road, in Adelaide’s south, sits Amor; a Spanish haven that has burst onto the scene with wine, cocktails, and tapas goodness. Yes. In the heart of Hyde Park you can find this little slice of Spain.

The cocktail menu is out of this world. There’s the caramel fireball sour, served with a burning flame on top. Or, if you like your caramel a little sweeter, there’s the smooth salted caramel espresso martini.

Read more here.

You can find Amor Wine Tapas Cocktails at 160 King William Rd, Hyde Park SA 5061

The Light Room

Opened January 2023

Adelaide is full of chic bars, but there’s nothing like The Light Room. Above one of Adelaide’s finest restaurants, Aurora and the innovative Light ADL, The Light Room encompasses all the elements in which our fair city excels; creativity, the arts and hospitality.

This new West End bar is pegged to be the art and soul of Adelaide and is far more than just a drinks and snacks offering. It’s point of difference is an immersive gallery and studio space; it’s an experience like no other in South Australia.

Read more here.

You can find The Light Room at Light ADL, 63 Light Square Adelaide.

Circles Bar and Beer

Opened January 2023

Just opened in Chinatown, the warm hosts at Circles Bar greet guests eagerly and boast about each feature of this fantastic Japanese cocktail bar.

It’s a spot where the Classic Margarita doesn’t feel like a Frankenstein concoction of cordial and tequila. The Long Island Iced Tea feels as delectable as it does dangerous, without artificial sweetener drowning out the inebriation compilation, which is strained into the chic glasses at the table itself.

Read more here.

You can find Circles Bar and Beer at 33/37 Wright St, Adelaide.


Opened January 2023

After half a year of revitalising the old store into a simple, yet swanky wine bar, the new location is within reach of the University of South Australia’s Student Lounge. So, for art students looking to live the bohemian dream of wine and vinyl records, after a long day of formatting essay citations (as per the style guide), then look no further!

From the chessboard floor to curved tables, the bar has similar vibes to a studio apartment rented by a friend that’s behind on their coursework and wants a night off, but it also resembles a metropolitan coffee shop in a trendy city.

Read more here.

You can find Nearly at 179 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Terra & Sol Outdoor Garden Bar

Opened November 2022

Popular Glenelg eatery, Terra & Sol, has revealed its newest development – an outdoor garden bar – which is open and operating around all times of the year, rain or shine.

Located at the rear of the Jetty Road bar and restaurant, the modern, dreamy outdoor Garden Bar is a first for the area and will see a rotation of acoustic musicians to set the scene for any occasion.

Read more here.

Terra & Sol is located at 18 Jetty Rd, Glenelg. 

The Refreshment Club

Opened November 2022

Overlooking the bustling East End of Rundle Street, this cocktail bar has become the CBD’s must-go venue this summer.

Situated above Two Pot Screamer, with balcony views over Rundle Street, an eclectic drinks list and nostalgic snacks all night, The Refreshment Club is a unique addition to the East End.

Read more here.

The Refreshment Club is located at 285 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

Hahndorf Brewing Co

Opened October 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a special German bier hall in town and it is shaking up the traditional bier-making scene. No matter how you spell it, German-style brewing is making a serious mark in SA.

Hahndorf Brewing Co is Adelaide’s newest brew hall debuting its own range of house-made German-style brews.

Read more here.

Find Hahndorf Brewing Co at 35 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245.

Little Havana Co

Opened October 2022

Little Havana, a neighbourhood in Florida, operates as the cultural and social epicentre of the Miami. Home to the Three Kings Parade, Calle Ocho and its very own Walk of Fame, the neighbourhood certainly honours its namesake, Havana – the largest city in Cuba.

Travel 16,000 kilometres across the ocean, and you’ll find a sweet slice of Little Havana in the form of a Latin American Cocktail Bar. Little Havana Co promises nights of Salsa, Mambo, and Bossa Nova, alongside Latin American music, tapas, and classic cocktail favourites.

Read more here.

Find Little Havana Co at 268 Morphett Street, Adelaide 5000.


Opened October 2022

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to sit down in the afternoon for a coffee, and then when daylight fades a bar emerges? This pop-up bar DRYNK has answered that very question with its new location in The Coffee Pot in City Cross.

The Coffee Pot by day and DRYNK by night, the bar is a solace from the humble working day once you’ve clocked off.

Read more here.

 Find DRYNK at 1/27 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000.

Cherry Nightclub

Opened September 2022

There’s a pumping venue that’s hit the CBD and it’s unlike any other that Adelaide has seen. Located in the heart of Adelaide’s party passage on Hindley Street, Cherry Nightclub brings house party vibes to the city meaning you can party Project X style each and every weekend.

Read more here.

Cherry Nightclub is located at 85 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Jennie Wine Bar

Opened August 2022

If Adelaideans are looking for a sophisticated and elevated wine-sipping experience, Peel Street and Leigh Street are a fan favourite. Hole-in-the-wall bars and hidden gems are the streets’ bread and butter, bewitching wine lovers with something that feels secret and exclusive.

Jennie is a must-see wine bar now open on the Peel Street block. Green foliage and tangerine lettering running vertically down the small bar contrast strikingly against the charcoal walls as you greet the new venue.

Read more here.

Jennie Wine Bar is located at 7 Peel Street, Adelaide.

Valkyrie Cocktail Lounge

Opened August 2022

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new and refreshing way to catch up with friends, enjoy extravagant cocktails, and be in the thick of the nightlife in the Adelaide CBD then your prayers have been answered.

An exciting cocktail experience in the Adelaide bar scene takes you back to the good old days of rock and roll through rockstar-inspired cocktails expertly designed and created to keep you rolling far into the night. Like its namesake the Valkyrja, immortal maids of Norse mythology, this venue will transport you to a haven of good vibes and even better entertainment.

Read more here.

Valkyrie Cocktail Lounge is located at 39 Gouger Street, Adelaide.

Nevermind Bar

Opened August 2022

The team behind acclaimed wine, amaro and cocktail bar, Leigh Street Luggage, has unveiled its sister venue Nevermind, bringing together the finest cocktails and tastiest gourmet toasties in the heart of Adelaide’s bustling small bar scene.

Shahin Chegini and his business partners have launched the hidden bar tucked behind Leigh Street Luggage, with special drinks and food offerings and a revamped line-up of DJs for special events.

Read more here.

Nevermind Bar is located at 22A Leigh St, Adelaide

BckYrd Bar & Grill 

Opened July 2022

Nothing quite beats the feeling of enjoying a bevvy in the comfort of your backyard and that’s exactly what BckYrd Bar & Grill offers, bringing you to their place in the CBD.

Having opened in July last year, the fresh bar and grill takes the best of the outside and ties it in with their vibrant booths and walls that are surfaced in greenery.

Read more here.

BckYrd Bar & Grill is located at 26 Peel St, Adelaide.

Hades Hula House

Opened July 2022

Originally located in Semaphore, the popular Tiki Bar, Hades Hula House, moved on to bigger pastures and re-opened in Hindley Street. Transport yourself with the bar’s exotic flavoured cocktails if you dare, and pair your tropical drinks with a bite as Hades Hula House serves up quintessential flavours from Hawaii, Mexico and Asia.

Read More here.

Hades Hula House is located at 128 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Fleet Street Social

Opened May 2022

If you’re located a bit further out of Adelaide, there’s a hot cocktail bar and eatery in Port Noarlunga that bringing all day dining, live music and a funky feel to the South. Dripping in 50s retro pink charm, Fleet Street Social’s laid back and funky vibe is the perfect setting for an arvo drink and a boogie and with its ideal location in the heart of Port Noarlunga, it perfectly fills the South’s cocktail-bar shaped hole.

Read more here.

Fleet Street Social is located at 1/32 Saltfleet St, Port Noarlunga 5167

The Rye Room

Opened April 2022

Popular Glen Osmond breakfast and brunch spot, Melon & Rye’s also serve up boutique wine, gin and cocktails at it’s neighbour, The Rye Room. The bar is located just next door to the popular cafe and includes a wide range of local wine, gin, and whiskey that you can’t just find at your local bottle shop. Holding tasting events and constantly showcasing local wineries. Their exclusive drinks can be paired with a delicious tapas menu. Despite its recent arrival, the little bar is already a local favourite.

Read more here

Located at 365a Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond

Club one0six

Opened April 2022

For lovers of a themed bar, a great addition to the roster is Versace themed cocktail bar, club one0six. The underground bar is head to toe in the opulent Versace style, with low lighting and a mixture of R&B, Tech House, and EDM bangers played all night long. 

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Located at 106 Hindley Street.


Opened Mar 2022

Adelaide’s premier business destination, Vault 91, offers five-star coffee by day and world-renowned wines in the heart of the CBD by night. The bar is decorated to dazzle with lush lounges, intimate booths, and floor-length blush curtains draped around the bar. This bar might lure you in for a knock-off drink, but it will keep you there for hours. 

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Located at Westpac House, 91 King William Road, Adelaide

Silver Brewing Co

Opened March 2022

Silver Brewing Co is a city-based brewery, restaurant and bar, which hosts its Silver Disco Club every Friday night. While the word ‘Disco’ does spark thoughts of Saturday Night Fever and the Bee-gees, new house DJ Ezee G has assured us that the music will be more ‘soulful house music’.

Read more here.

Located at 200 Gouger St, Adelaide


Opened Feb 2022

Adelaide’s east end has gained another gem for the Rundle Street strip. Society is a bar that you can feel comfortable in, the owners carefully curated the space to be casual but with a luxe vibe. Sit back and enjoy your cocktail of choice with some tapas prepared by their in-house chef, the perfect way to finish your week. 

Read more here

Located at 279 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

Leigh Street Luggage

Opened Dec 2021

One of Leigh Street’s classiest wine and cocktail bar, the highly-established Leigh Street Luggage is an amazing vibe to celebrate with friends over Adelaide’s glorious summer months. 

Taking over the former travel retailer from which it gets its namesake, the European-inspired bar has transformed the iconic Leigh Street Luggage storefront, slinging spritz and pouring nips of strong spirits inside a timeless fit-out. 

Find Leigh Street Luggage at 22a Leigh St, Adelaide SA 5000

If you know of any other new bars that we’ve missed, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] with your additions. We’d love to check out somewhere new!

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